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Strategically located near key ports for Asia-Pacific and Australia-wide delivery

Geraldton Port - The proximity of Geraldton to Asia has also made Geraldton Port an attractive option for exporters.

Fremantle Harbour - Western Australia's largest and busiest general cargo port and an important historical site.

Plant & mine strategically located close to Geraldton Port

  • The Geraldton port has a capacity of up to 66,000 tonnes

  • The location of the port enables significant movement into Asia Pacific

  • The Plant is only 13km to Geraldton Port.

2014 Mining campaign

Strategically located close to key maritime ports, linking Australia with the Asia Pacific Region

Geraldton Port

Attapulgite & Diatomite Supply to Customers in Australia-wide

  • Deliveries by road & shipping transport

  • Nationwide

  • Servicing key metropolitan and country areas

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