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west Australian
raw ore

Lake Nerramyne, Badgingarra, Dongara, Drak

our operations

Our mined Attapulgite clay raw ore originates from Lake Nerramyne, Western Australia, with proximate access to road and rail transportation, infrastructure and regional and metropolitan hubs.

Strategically located near key maritime ports - Geraldton Port and Freemantle Harbour Port - our Attapulgite clay raw ore can be shipped Asia Pacific-wide in bulk or containerised shipment.

Our industrial property located at Narngulu, Geraldton (13km from Geraldton Port), is tenanted by manufacturer and retailer Hudson Marketing Pty Ltd, and provides manufacturing and storage opportunities.

our mining leases

market leader and specialist in tenement management, Hetherington Tenement Services manages our mining leases to maintain ongoing tenement regulatory obligations and compliance.

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120 ha


720 ha


891 ha


951 ha

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46 ha


36 ha


50 ha


84 ha

Attapulgite clay mining Leases

Hudson's Attapulgite clay mine is located at Lake Nerramyne, 170km northeast of Geraldton, Western Australia. Access to the mine from Geraldton is via the Chapman Valley Road.

Mining tenements collectively cover approximately 2681 ha in total with an Inferred Resource of approximately 23.4 million tonnes.

Largest known deposit of Attapulgite clay in Australia that is of premium quality with exceptional absorption and adsorption capabilities.

Mining operations to extract Attapulgite clay commenced at Lake Nerramyne in 1978.

Mining at Lake Nerramyne occurs on a campaign basis every 2 to 3 years.

Diatomaceous earth mining Leases

DE ML map corrected.JPG


Hudson's Diatomaceous earth mining leases are located 185km north-northwest of Perth, and approximately 8km west-northwest of the Badgingarra township in the mid-west of Western Australia.

Our Badgingarra Diatomaceous earth mining tenements cover two small lakes that contain deposits of diatoms.

There is a 20,000 tonne Diatomaceous earth ore stockpile at Badgingarra from a mining campaign.



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