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Kitty litter

End use application

Our Attapulgite clay has:

  • effective odour control of ammonia

  • high surface area

  • high absorbent and adsorption properties

  • low cost

  • environmental compatibility

End use application:

  • 100% natural clay cat litter

  • effectively removes urine and fecal smells

  • absorbs cat's liquid waste

  • long lasting - change weekly

  • easy to clean

  • disposed environmentally

  • the "claw" experience - Attapulgite clay imitates outdoor setting preferred by cats

Chandler cat litter_edited.jpg

What is the history of kitty or cat litter?

Why is non-clumping clay cat litter better for cats
(& their cat owners)?

Some say, that kitty litter is probably the best invention in human history and civilization. And clay kitty litter is the original and arguably still the best - tried and tested kitty litter available. Attapulgite clay is 100% natural and has been used since 1964, when Edward Lowe invested the modern "cat sand".

The story is as follows: One day his neighbor Kay Draper asked him to replace the ashes she used in the cat box as her cat dragged footprints in the house and she needed a cleaner replacement. Edward advised her to use Fuller soil (that is Attapulgite clay), and the cat owners found that Attapulgite clay can not only absorb the ammonia odour but also does not stain the cat’s claws. At this time, the modern day kitty litter was invented!


Although cats have been domesticated by humans for thousands of years, it is only more recently last century that humans brought cats into indoor life.

Lowe's cat litter.webp

Cats originated in the desert, so they instinctually prefer litters with a similar texture to sand.

Attapulgite clay cat litter is made from dried Attapulgite clay that easily absorbs urine.

Its granulated texture allows cats to bury their business. 

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