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Compost accelerant

End use application

Our Attapulgite clay is:

  • free from mineral acid

  • lightweight 

  • high cation-exchange capacity

End use compost application:

  • provides remediation for heavy metal contaminated soils

  • increases composting temperature

  • adsorptive properties of liquid waste

  • reduction of emissions of nitrite oxide and ammonia

  • ph Regulator

  • soil Aeration

  • nutrient Uptake

  • better Soil Structure

  • enhances Root Growth

  • biological Function

  • cost effective 

Compost Pickup Service
Image by Markus Spiske

How does it work?

Attapulgite is a natural clay which is used in agriculture as a soil conditioner. It enhances the porosity and water retention of the soil. It also has the ability to absorb excess nitrogen and phosphorus and release it gradually to the roots of the plants when needed.

When utilised as a soil enhancer in any crop, conventional or organic, Attapulgite is a 100% natural porous clay mineral that helps to boost yields. 

It is available in granular or powder form; the first is put directly to the soil and is then absorbed there, whereas the latter is applied by absorbing from the earth and being sprayed over plants. 

Whatever its shape, Attapulgite is a mineral that is completely safe for people and the environment.

abstract and full article link to Attapulgite clay

Compost accelerant application research

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