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Animal health

End use application

Our Attapulgite clay and Diatomaceous earth are:

  • free from mineral acid

  • high in natural porosity

  • high affinity towards sorption of trace impurities

End use application as:

  • feed conversion / feed additives

  • mycotoxin binder / biotoxin control

  • veterinary antidiarrheal agent

The addition of Attapulgite clay and/or Diatomaceous earth  to animal feed:

  • can improve the ratio of given feed weight over animal weight gained in a certain period (FCR)

  • can act as a mycotoxin binder by adsorbing the mycotoxins and preventing them from being absorbed through the gut and into the blood circulation 

  • can result in improved FCR

  • can treat non-infectious diarrhea in animals.

Cattle at Sunrise

How does it work?

Our Attapulgite clay and/or Diatomaceous earth (fossil shell flour) offers mineral-based animal feed additives potential to support optimal health and productivity of poultry and livestock in Australia and globally.

A healthy gastrointestinal tract supports overall animal health and welfare that is ideal for nutrient absorption. offers non-antibiotic solution to support gut health and improve feed conversion for greater production economics.


Optimal feed conversion starts with a healthy intestinal environment. Our Attapulgite clay is capable of being utilised as a functional ingredient in mineral technology to promote optimal gut health and support nutrient absorption for improved feed conversion and yields. Feed conversion products are typically used for poultry, cattle, swine.

In medicine, Attapulgite clay is used and physically binds to acids and toxic substances in the stomach and digestive tract. For that reason, it has often been used in antidiarrheal medications. 

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