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Jet fuel refining

End use application

Our Attapulgite clay is:

  • free from mineral acid

  • high in natural porosity

  • high affinity towards sorption of trace impurities

End use application as an adsorbent industrial mineral media for jet fuel clarification:

  • MEROX Technology (a proprietary UOP technology process that sweetens jet fuel and kerosene); and

  • MERICHEM Technologies

Aviation industry needs safe, high quality fuels for refueling and oil refineries must meet stringent international specifications of fuels. Our Attapulgite clay raw ore is utilised in a range of attapulgite adsorbents for jet fuel clarification and kerosene treatment.

Jet fuel refining

How does it work?

Through its highly active surface area and unique porosity, Attapulgite clay effectively removes polar compounds, helps to reduce acidity and corrosiveness and prevents bacterial growth in jet fuel.

Our Attapulgite clay is utilised by manufacturers and jet fuel refineries in Australia, Asia Pacific, South Asia and the Middle East, to ensure the jet fuel clarification meets the stringent requirements relating to thermal stability and water reactivity, resulting in an optimal performance of the jet fuel.

Also utilised in processing liquid paraffin.


Head Office

Level 5, 52 Phillip Street

Sydney, 2000

New South Wales

Geraldton Industrial Property

Lot 32 James Street

Narngulu, 6532

Western Australia

Attapulgite clay Mining Leases

Lake Nerramyne,

Western Australia

Diatomaceous earth Mining Leases

Badgingarra, Dongara and Drak,

Western Australia

Lot 1847 - Waitsia-03 gas well Project

Pye Road, Dongara

Western Australia

Hudson Commercial Car Park
Hudson House,

131 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW

Lot 32 James Street, Narngulu, Geraldton, Western Australia, industrial property
Hudson House car park, 131 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW, Australia
52 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW, Australia
MEPAU Waitsia-03 gas well project, Lot 1842 Dongara, Western Australia
Hudson Resources mining campaign, attapulgite clay
Hudson Resources mining campaign, attapulgite clay
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