Land and Building Complexes - Narngulu Geraldton WA

Narngulu Geraldton WA derives rental income from Hudson's industrial properties, comprising 14.5 hectares in area, at Geraldton, WA. Lot 31 has a market rental of around A$180,000 net p.a. and the Company is looking for potential tenant and further development opportunity (A$426,000 p.a.). Additionally, HRL holds freehold land, Lot 1847 Deposit Plan 248546 Shire Irwin 1/2 undivided and Lot 1847 Pye Road, Dongara which is valued at A$0.5 million.


Commercial Property Holdings - Carpark

A 40% unitholding in the Hudson Property Trust, which owns the carpark located at Hudson House 131 Macquarie Street Sydney NSW.