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Bleaching earth

End use application

Our Attapulgite clay has:

  • good adsorption performance for various metal ions

  • good removal effect on green leaf element and colour in vegetable oil

  • removal of fatty acid salts and phospholipid

  • no residual acid (harmful to decolourised oil)

  • free fatty acids in oil

  • high surface area

  • high absorbent and adsorption properties

  • low cost

  • environmental compatibility

End use application:

  • 100% natural 

Olive Oil

How does it work?

Bleaching earths and clays are vital for the edible oil industry. Oil producers use these crucial minerals to “bleach” or purify vegetable oils by allowing the bleaching clays to soak up impurities from the processed oil. Without them, our vegetable oils would simply not be fit for consumption.

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