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Gel grade attapulgite

End use application

Attapulgite clay can be processed to gel-grade:

  • free from mineral acid

  • stable gel strength

  • unaltered by external factors

  • rapid recoverability

  • high temperature stability

  • shear-thinning behavious

  • provides stability and enhances viscosity of fluids

  • rheological properties

End use application as:

  • thickeners, stabilisers, viscosifiers

  • coatings, adhesives and sealants

  • dry powder texture coatings

  • mortars and functional putties

  • liquid animal feed

  • liquid suspension fertilisers

  • seed coatings


Image by David Pisnoy


With a unique molecular structure, gel-grade attapulgite can help shape the efficiency and performance of various products and processes, with some of the key benefits including:

1. Stable gel strength: can significantly reduce the pre-application mixing time by preventing the settling or separation of pigments during storage, ensuring that formulations remain stabilised.

2. Unaltered by external factors: The product’s performance isn’t affected by temperature, salt, pH, enzyme or bacterial attacks unless it’s an extreme case. It also doesn’t swell or affect water demand.

3.Rapid recoverability: The mixture quickly returns to its original velocity after mixing or after application.

4. High temperature stability: Its gel characteristics remain the same at extremely high or low temperatures.

5. Shear-thinning behaviour: It can maintain high viscosity at low shear rates, and low viscosity at high shear rates, making the mixing and application processes easier.

Above all else, one of the major characteristics of attapulgite minerals is their ability to function as thickeners, stabilisers, and viscosifiers. The needle-like structure of attapulgite particles enables them to create a three-dimensional gel network, providing stability and enhancing the viscosity of fluids in any application.

Concrete Bucket & Trowel


Rheology is the science of deformation of material.

Attapulgite clay has rheological properties, which allows it to suspend and retain solids and flow properly under stress without altering the chemical and physical properties of the mixture. Attapulgite clay is utilised in paint to help improve pigment tinting and prevent pigment flooding and settling.

Attapulgite clay can be utilised to provide theology modifiers with thixotropic thickening, through processing and fine particle sizes allowing for high performing products suitable for variety of applications allowing the product to be versatile and adaptable to the requirements of each industry.

abstract and full article link to gel-grade Attapulgite clay research

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