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Poultry bedding | 
Egg production

End use application

Our Attapulgite clay is:

  • free from mineral acid

  • high in natural porosity

  • high affinity towards sorption of trace impurities

Our Diatomaceous earth is:

  • high in silica content (fossil shell flour)

  • porous, dehydrating pests, parasites and worms

  • contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium

End use application as:

  • feed conversion / feed additives

  • mycotoxin binder / biotoxin control

  • Increase in egg production

  • Improves quality and strength of eggs

  • Control of bird lice

  • Dry out droppings allowing easier cleaning of the coop

  • Support digestive health as a feed supplement

  • Controls internal and external parasites

  • Reduces smell, controls flies

  • Deodorises and absorbs odours from chook pens, kennels, etc

The addition of Attapulgite clay as poultry bedding and/or Diatomaceous earth as a feed additive:

  • can improve the ratio of given feed weight over animal weight gained in a certain period (FCR)

  • can act as a mycotoxin binder by adsorbing the mycotoxins and preventing them from being absorbed through the gut and into the blood circulation 

  • can result in improved FCR

  • helps promote strong eggs and shiny feathers.

Image by Kim Gorga
Egg Delivery

How does it work?

Guidance re adding Diatomaceous earth to poultry feed

Diatomaceous earth (DE) (fossil shell flour) is rich in silica, which is essential for maintaining poultry health of chicken or turkey's digestive system, including the stomach and intestines. It also helps to flush out harmful toxins and parasites, promoting overall digestive health. 

Diatomaceous earth (DE) (fossil shell flour) does not have a withholding period (unlike chemical fly, lice and flea control.) On contact with Diatomaceous earth (DE), their fine micro shards, together with Diatomaceous earth (DE) being porous, deters and dehydrates flies, lice and fleas.

Silica has been shown to improve the strength of the immune system, making it easier for the body to fight off infections and illnesses.

It is recommended to add Diatomaceous earth (DE) (fossil shell flour) to chicks that are eating solid feeds. 


Care must be taken to avoid breathing the powder and a face mask should be worn when dusting or using Diatomaceous earth (fossil shell flour) powder.

As Diatomaceous earth (fossil shell flour) is a natural absorbent, it is important that chickens and turkeys have access to lots of water to avoid dehydration and ensure moisture in the digestive system is not affected.

As a guide, add approximately 2% of the weight of your chicken’s and turkey’s feed that they receive (either in addition to or instead of foraging).

If for example, each chicken or turkey might eat 150 grams dry pellets, the Diatomaceous earth (DE) to be added would be 2% of 150 grams which is 3 grams per portion.

When mixing Diatomaceous Earth (fossil shell flour) into dry feed, ensure that the Diatomaceous earth (DE) (fossil shell flour) is evenly spread. An added benefit is that insects including ants and weevils that can get into the feed are deterred. This is because Diatomaceous earth (DE) (fossil shell flour) acts as a natural preservative, absorbing moisture and keeping the feed fresher for longer.


Attapulgite clay and Diatomaceous earth (DE) (fossil shell flour) is also utilised in Animal Health

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