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Hudson Resources through its wholly owned subsidiary Hudson Diatomaceous Earth Pty Ltd is the tenement holder of 4 mining leases that form the Badgingarra and Drak Diatomaceous Earth mining tenements: 

  • Badgingarra mining area ('Badgingarra') on M70/129 and M70/842; and 

  • Drak mining area ('Drak') on M70/38; and

  • Dongara on M70/361


The Diatomaceous earth tenements are contained on freehold land utilised for farming, located approximately 185km north-northwest of Perth or approximately 8km west-northwest of the Badgingarra township in the mid-west of Western Australia.

The Diatomaceous earth mining tenements cover two small lakes that contain deposits of diatoms that can be processed into a diatomaceous earth product. The lakes within the tenements area are part of numerous small diatomite deposits dotted along the hinterland of Western Australia’s coastline extending north of Perth.

Mining at Badgingarra occurred in the 1990’s within a single 12 month period. Currently, there is 20,000 tonnes ore stockpiled at Badgingarra, awaiting the development of new product and/or market opportunities. HRS is currently investigating the option to supply Diatomaceous earth into a number of small domestic markets.

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