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Fuller's Earth | Palygorskite

Magensium aluminim phyllosilicate

Chemical formula: (Mg,Al)2Si4O10(OH)·4(H2O)

Scientific name: Calcium Montmorillonite

Fourth of July Airplanes

jet fuel clarification

  • high natural porosity

  • sorption of trace impurities

  • high surface area

  • low thermal activation

  • low friability; nil acidity

  • suitable for retrofittable catridges in mobile filtration

Best Friends

animal health

  • used as supplement in animal feed

  • improves digestive functions

  • greater resistance to disease and parasites

  • provides animals with essential minerals

Test Tubes


  • absorbed medication used in the management of diarrhea

  • adsorbs / binds large numbers of bacteria and toxins

  • reduces loss of water

  • improves consistency of loose watery stools

Cow and Calf

livestock dusting

  • natural way to help prevent fleas and flies 

  • boosts overall health and performance

  • assists with weight gain

  • potential to include into cattle feed mixture

water filtration

  • unique physical and chemical properties

  • considerable interest as water remediation medium

  • potential for environmental remediation

Dripping Oil

oil purification

  • sorption of trace impurities

  • reduces acidity and corrosiveness

  • prevents bacterial growth

  • capable of meeting stringent requirements

  • promotes optimal performance

Petting a White Cat

pet litter

  • superior odour control

  • long-lasting performance 

  • effective liquid absorption

  • 100% natural

  • long history of use as kitty litter

  • formulated for kittens, and other pets

Plant Pots

 soil conditioner

  • natural pest control & plant protection

  • promotes plant available silica

  • improves moisture and nutrient retention

  • better yield and natural aeration

  • apply to soil by root irrigation or directly on plant

Four Chickens

poultry bedding

  • controls ammonia levels in chicken coops

  • reduce moisture level of poultry litter 

  • improved chicken health & egg quality
  • better produce and performance  efficacy


  • healthier fish 

  • removes & breaks down ammonia in water

  • utilised in aquariums trailing Anoxic Filtration Systems (refer to Dr Kevin Novak research)

  • proliferates aqua plants

grow your vision

join us in building a circular economy with sustainable 100% natural eco-friendly Attapulgite clay and Diatomaceous earth solutions 

Building a circular economy with sustainable 100% natural eco-friendly solutions 
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