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Mining Campaign

Our Attapulgite clay mining tenements are located just off Dartmoor Lake Nerramyne Road which is about 460km north of Perth and is about 170km from Geraldton. They are almost exclusively within Pinegrove Pastoral Lease.

Mining operations to extract Attapulgite clay commenced at Lake Nerramyne in 1978.

The Attapulgite clay mining tenements collectively cover approximately 2681ha in total with an Inferred Resource of approximately 23 million tonnes. The Attapulgite clay mining tenements contain the largest known deposit of Attapulgite in Australia that is of premium quality with exceptional absorption and adsorption capabilities.

Mining at Lake Nerramyne occurs on a campaign basis every 2 to 3 years. 

2023 Lake Nerramyne Mining Campaign
Lake Nerramyne mine location
2019 - 2020 Lake Nerramyne Mining Campaign
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